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Unique Fabricating News
* August 2016
Unique Fabricating Awarded New Order for TwinShape Foam Duct

A German OEM has awarded a new program order for our TwinShape (can you add registration mark) foam duct technology to be used on a popular mid-size SUV beginning in Q1 2017. Application attributes are many vs. current blow molded plastic ducts including: 80% weight reduction, eliminates condensation and BSR's, increased NVH performance, heats up and cools down quicker, and a lower tooling investment. "This award expands the production and utilization of our lightweight, flexible TwinShape duct system and provides one of our key customers with an innovative solution that directly addresses auto manufacturers' priorities for weight reduction, quieter vehicles, and fuel efficiency" said John Weinhardt, Chief Executive Officer. "More and more, auto suppliers are recognizing our light weight TwinShape duct system as a superior alternative to conventional blow molded duct components. We have ongoing development and prototyping programs with five additional OEMs, or their Tier One suppliers, for potential inclusion in future vehicles".

* April 2016
Unique Fabricating Announces the Acquisition of Intasco Corporation

Searching for the right partner to expand our product portfolio, increase our cutting-edge production capabilities, and expand our manufacturing footprint (which includes the United States, Mexico and now Canada), led us to Intasco. The Company is a leader in providing material conversion of pressure sensitive products such as film, label stock and foams, as well as adhesives and automotive die cuts with a specialty in interior and exterior attachment methods. This new division will be called Unique-Intasco Canada, Inc.

"This strategic, highly synergistic and accretive acquisition significantly broadens our solution offerings, production capabilities, and expands our reach in our existing markets, as well as certain adjacent markets," John Weinhardt, Unique's CEO, said in a news release. "This acquisition is representative of our strategy to acquire profitable companies that add new markets, products and processes that enable us to recognize sales efficiencies and expand our scale. The specialized processes and customized nature of Intasco’s offerings provide an attractive, high-margin growth opportunity to augment our financial performance and further capitalize on the operating leverage inherent in our business model, which we believe will enable meaningful, profitable expansion of our business and increased free cash flow.”


* September 2015
Unique Fabricating Purchases Great Lakes Foam Technologies

In 2009, Unique Fabricating began to strategically invest in the capability to deliver molded foam solutions; fusion, compression, vacuum, to the benefit of our customers. Continuing our dynamic efforts, today we announced the important acquisition of Great Lakes Foam Technologies, a market leader in the production of reaction injection molded polyurethane components. Through its unique products and people, this addition continues our work to become the important partner at each of our current and future customers. This new division will be called Unique Molded Foam Technologies


John Weinhardt, president of Unique Fabricating, commented; This combination further accelerates our efforts to increase sales to existing customers while opening the doors to new customers and new end markets. The addition of molded urethane components is a natural extension to our product line, and we have identified a number of cross-selling opportunities within our combined customer base."


* February 2014
Unique Fabricating Purchases Chardan Corporation

Dedicated to providing Tier One and OEM customers with expanded application solutions, Unique Fabricating announces the acquisition of Chardan Corporation. Chardan Corporation is the leader in multiple markets providing engineered vacuum thermoforming and fusion molding technologies.



John Weinhardt, president of Unique Fabricating, Inc., said; "Our purchase of Chardan Corporation, in addition to our acquisition of Presotech Industries last month, continues to transform Unique Fabricating into a company our customers can rely upon to provide diverse innovative solutions targeting their specific needs. The markets we serve are dynamic and we are dedicated to making smart investments in order to maintain our leadership position. Our mission will continue as we look to identify new ways to better serve our customers whether through new product offerings, development of new technologies and an expansion of our manufacturing footprint"



For more information please contact:
Brad Hazen
Vice President of Business Development


* December 2013
Unique Fabricating and Prescotech Industries Join Forces

Unique Fabricating and Prescotech Industries, two market leading fabricators of non-metallic materials, are pleased to announce that they have joined forces. Going forward, Prescotech will operate as Unique-Prescotech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Unique Fabricating, Inc. These two award winning companies have a long history of growth and profitability and share the same dedication to customer service and strong vision for the future. The acquisition of Prescotech Industries by Unique Fabricating will add considerable value to our customers in the automotive, medical, commercial HVAC, appliance, water heater, and furniture markets. With innovative die-cut and molded products Unique and Unique-Prescotech will be able to deliver cost effective solutions, market leading quality and delivery performance that will redefine customer expectations within each market served.

"Prescotech Industries is exactly the type of company that we were looking for as a partner. Unique-Prescotech introduces to the market a company well suited to exceed customer expectations in all quality, service, and purchasing measurables. Unique-Prescotech will be located in Louisville, KY but as an integral part of Unique Fabricating. will be able to utilize capabilities and logistic advantages from locations in Michigan, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Monterrey, Mexico. This is a manufacturing footprint that will provide the most value of any fabricator located in North America. In our forty year history this is a very exciting time and we look forward to future beneficial partnerships with all of our customers" said John Weinhardt, CEO/President of Unique Fabricating. For additional background for both companies please review this website and

For more information please contact:
Brad Hazen
Director of Business Development


* September 2013

Unique Fabricating Receives Two Supplier Performance Awards From Johnson Controls

Two market leading divisions of Johnson Controls, Interiors and Seating, recognized Unique Fabricating's 2013 effort with Gold and Silver Performance Awards respectively. This marks the fourth year in a row where engineering, pricing, quality, and delivery performance differentiated Unique from over 700 suppliers who currently sell to these two JCI divisions. John Weinhardt, President / CEO and Mike Carson, Director of Commercial Development, attended both award dinners and accepted each on the company's behalf. Afterward John Weinhardt said, "JCI is the market leading supplier of automotive interior and seating components and the continuous improvement necessary to earn these awards each year makes us a better supplier to all of our customers. My team is dedicated to reaching a higher level of performance at Johnson Controls in 2014".

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Unique Fabricating please contact Mike Carson at 248-409-4545.

* August 13, 2013
Diversified Acoustics, LLC receives certification from the Michigan Minority Supplier Diversity Council (MMSDC)

Diversified Acoustics, LLC, a minority owned and managed joint venture between Diversified Solutions Group and Unique Fabricating, Inc., is a full service acoustic material fabricator targeting automotive OEM and Tier One customers. This company will be able to deliver cost effective die cut solutions with access to all acoustic non-woven and shoddy materials. Most importantly Diversified Acoustics will be able to provide customers with a distinct opportunity for increasing their minority purchases. This is an innovative company helping to expand the benefits its customers can realize from an automotive fabricator.

Led by Fred Darris, CEO/President, and John Weinhardt, Chief Operating Officer, Diversified Acoustics foundational has 40 years of automotive experience supporting black and grey box design, on-time delivery performance, and market leading quality. Quick turnaround on quotes, engineering support, and sample parts will be important differentiators defining the complete value Diversified Acoustics will be able to provide.

Please call Paul Moran (248-761-3184) with any questions or if you would like to set-up an appointment.

* March 29, 2013

Unique Fabricating Gains New Investors

Taglich Private Equity LLC partnered with Unique management to acquire Unique Fabricating, Inc, from its former primary investor, American Capital Ltd. The transition was seamless, and makes new growth capital available to Unique to support the continued rapid expansion of sales that the company has been experiencing since beginning the implementation of a new strategic plan in 2008.

“We are looking forward to a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with our new partners, Taglich Private Equity,” said John Weinhardt, President/CEO of Unique Fabricating. “American Capital has been very supportive over the past seven years, but we believe that Unique Fabricating will expand its sales, market and geographic reach even faster with backing from Taglich.”

Unique Fabricating, Inc. ("Unique" or the "Company") Unique is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of multi-material foam, rubber, and plastic components utilized in noise, vibration and harshness ("NVH"), acoustical management, water and air sealing, decorative and other functional applications within the North American automotive and heavy-duty truck markets. The Company's processes include die cutting, thermoforming, compression molding, fusion molding and assembly. Unique is headquartered in Auburn Hills, MI with sales, engineering and manufacturing operations in Auburn Hills, MI, LaFayette, GA and Monterrey, Mexico.

Taglich Private Equity LLC ("Taglich") Taglich is a private equity firm that has been investing in lower middle market manufacturing, business service and consumer product companies since 2001. Taglich seeks to partner with management teams that can take advantage of its expertise and background in order to optimize a company's growth potential.

* November 2012

Unique Fabricating Receives 2012 General Motors Supplier Quality Award for Excellence

On November 28 Pradeep Singh, General Motors Supplier Quality Manager, and Rich Uhllman, General Motors Supplier Quality Engineer, visited Unique Fabricating's World Headquarters in Auburn Hill, Michigan to acknowledge our achievement as a 2012 General Motors Supplier Quality Award for Excellence recipient. This honor was earned over the past twelve months through world class performance in numerous categories including; PPM metric, plant disruptions, program management, field actions, customer satisfaction PRR, and quality PRR. Only 7% of GM's 4000+ supplier base have met these stringent metrics. John Weinhardt, Unique Fabricating CEO and President, accepted the award stating that "General Motors has been a strategic customer for Unique Fabricating for over twenty years and our mission will be to earn this recognition, and new award, every year".

* September 2012

Plymouth, Michigan

Unique Fabricating Receives Johnson Controls 2012 Gold Supplier Award

Plymouth, Michigan (September 26, 2012) - Johnson Controls today awarded Unique Fabricating with a 2012 Gold Supplier Performance Award for it's leadership and commitment to excellence through-out the past year. One of only eight suppliers to receive a coveted Gold or Platinum Award, this is Unique's third consecutive JCI Supplier Performance Award. John Weinhardt, Unique Fabricating President and CEO, said "our partnership with Johnson Controls is strategic to our success and we will continue to invest in our commitment to provide their engineers with innovative, cost effective, application solutions through material, manufacturing, and minority development. We appreciate the confidence we have been shown but understand the improvement necessary in order to continue to earn new business at Johnson Controls."

* March 12, 2012

On April 27, 2012, The Detroit Free Press recognized Unique Fabricating as a 2012 Michigan Green Leader in Automotive Innovation. Unique has implemented a close loop recycling process where our scrap polyurethane foam waste goes to InfiChem Polymers, and a new polyol is manufactured for automotive and industrial applications. This innovation will provide all automotive OEMs the ability to continue the industry's quest of developing environmentally conscious vehicle components. We are proud of our work with InfiChem Polymers and want to thank the Detroit Free Press for their environmental leadership.

Please contact Brad Hazen (248-409-4546) or John Reynolds (248-766-9896) if you need material information and if you have questions as to how Unique Fabricating can assist in your company's "Green" initiatives. Article link:



* October 2010

Wolfsburg, Germany

In October, Unique Fabricating participated in the 2010 IZB Supplier Conference in Wolfsburg, Germany. The event gave UF the opportunity to introduce; our "Green" / Recycled acoustical material (corrugated cardboard / PET construction) assisting the industry in reducing its carbon footprint and helping OEMs meet their "Zero" landfill goals, and second, our foam duct technology which delivers competitive performance while providing 80% weight reduction vs. similar blow molded plastic ducts.

During the final day of the conference UF hosted a visit by the United States Ambassador to Germany, Phillip D. Murphy, who thanked us for participating and asked that we continue to lead the automotive industry by investing in environmentally friendly materials and processes.